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The SSA Serves the Specialty Sleep Product Industry

GBS Enterprises

Involved in the manufacture and distribution of pillow and mattress protection products GBS Enterprises is a founding sponsor of the annual Furniture Today’s Home Furnishings International Association Bedding Conference. Additionally, GBS Enterprises is a member of the Specialty Sleep Association.

The Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) was founded in 1995 to serve manufacturers, sellers, and distributors of specialty sleep products by showcasing member products and promoting product transparency and consumer education. The SSA leases a showroom in Las Vegas where manufacturer members may display their products for retail buyers at biannual winter and summer World Market Center events. SSA manufacturer member benefits also include the use of the SSA logo in marketing materials, publication of products on SSA’s website and Facebook pages, and a listing in the SSA directory.
The SSA is also known for its BEDFAX Program, a voluntary verification labeling system that allows manufacturers to provide consumers with information about mattress contents. SSA manufacturer members may participate in the BEDFAX program and are provided access to SSA environmental experts to ensure proper adherence to the program.

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