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Choosing the Right Pillow

GBS Enterprises

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For more than three decades, GBS Enterprises has been providing protection plans and warranties for the bedding, pest control, and hospitality industries. GBS Enterprises also sells several types of advanced pillows recommended by wellness doctors and chiropractors.

Pillows, which provide support for the upper back and neck, have a major impact on the quality of sleep. Poorly made pillows do not provide enough support and may cause pain in the neck or spine.
People who sleep on their back should use a pillow that supports the natural curve of the neck. Flat, thin pillows and wedge pillows are best for back sleepers.
People who sleep on their side need a pillow that keeps the neck aligned. Contoured pillows provide this support. Many side sleepers also need an additional pillow between the legs to keep the spine straight.
Finally, people who sleep on their stomach need little support for their head and may not need a pillow at all. A thin pillow prevents the head from rising too high and straining the neck. Stomach sleepers may also need an additional thin pillow under the stomach to support the lower back.