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How to Tell if It’s Time for a New Pillow

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Following are several questions to ask if you think it might be time to replace your pillow:
Is it lumpy?
When the material in your pillow starts breaking down, it may start to gather in lumps. As you may imagine, this makes the pillow less comfortable. It also keeps your head from getting the support it needs while you sleep.
Does it spring back after folding it in half?
This is a simple test to see if your non-foam pillow needs replacing. Fold your pillow in half lengthwise and hold it in this position for about 30 seconds. Once you release the pillow, it should quickly spring back to its original form. Dispose of pillows that stay folded or spring back slowly.
How often do you have to fluff it?
Good pillows don’t require constant fluffing to be comfortable. Think about how often you fluff your pillow to make it comfortable. If you fluff it every night, you need a new one.
Are you having breakouts?
The longer you have your pillow, the more biological matter it accumulates. All this may affect your skin and can cause your face to break out. A clean pillowcase may reduce how much your skin is affected, but the problem is often solved only by replacing the pillow.